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3 Essential Home Cleaning Tasks For Singaporeans

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Whether you are a homeowner or renter in Singapore, doing regular house chores is essential to keeping your living space clean. Though you may not enjoy doing chores, they are part and parcel of ensuring a hygienic and comfortable environment for you and your roommates or family. On top of daily chores, an occasional day or two spent deep home cleaning can ensure bigger concerns such as mold are taken care of.

To make the deep cleaning process easier, you can create a home cleaning checklist to list and organize the various tasks required across the different rooms. This helps you to create a routine that ensures you won’t miss out on any of the nooks and crannies. To help you get started on your checklist, here are 3 essential home cleaning tasks you should include:

1. Inspect wet and humid surfaces for mold

Mold and mildew build-up are very common in Singaporean homes due to the hot and humid climate. Mold growth can be very gradual, so you might not notice any major issues until the smell or visible signs become too obvious to ignore. At least once a month, check these key areas for possible infestations:

  • High-humidity areas such as bathrooms, toilets, and service yards
  • Walls with air-conditioning (AC) units attached
  • Kitchen cabinets (especially the cabinet below your kitchen sink)
  • Any room with excessive clutter, dirt, or debris
  • Behind hardwood or wooden furniture prone to water damage

If you see a small amount of mold, follow these easy DIY tips to deep clean it and prevent further growth. If you suspect there might be a more serious mold infestation in your home, get in touch with us to find out more about our mold removal and remediation services.

2. Wipe down non-visible surfaces of furniture and home appliances

Wiping down furniture and home appliances is one of the most tedious chores but can help prevent dust and debris from building up over time. To ensure that as much dust is removed as possible, this should also include the non-visible surfaces that may be facing walls or other appliances. This does not have to be done daily, but an occasional deep cleaning session will help prevent bad odors or musty smells from arising in your home.

In some areas such as the kitchen, surfaces and home appliances can become greasy or smelly faster due to smells and substances that arise during cooking. These particles can linger for a long time, eventually leading to a foul odor in your home. Find out how to get rid of common household smells and odors in Singapore here or find out more about our odor removal services.

3. Deep clean the refrigerator (if necessary)

deep clean refrigerator

A refrigerator has to be kept closed at all times to prevent the food inside it from spoiling. However, this also means that unpleasant smells can be trapped inside and accumulate over time, culminating in unappetizing odors when you finally open the door. These smells can even affect your other food, causing them to smell or taste different.

Ensure that you regularly check your refrigerator for expired or expiring goods so that you do not get caught unaware by the smell of rotting food. For items such as raw fish that have their own strong smell, store them in sealed and airtight containers or bags so that the smell does not affect other products. As for fragrant fruits that need to be kept in the fridge to prevent spoilage, keep an open box of baking soda in your fridge to neutralize any strong odors.

If you are facing serious odor related problems in your home, Lumiair provides comprehensive odor removal and remediation services to help make your living environment a comfortable one again. Get in touch to find out more.

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