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Disinfecting The Premises: Why Is It Necessary?

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Disinfecting your home, office, school, hospital, and other premises is as important as cleaning these areas. Through regular cleaning, you might be able to get rid of stains and ordinary germs, but only through proper disinfection and decontamination can you be sure that your house has been rid of all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

These bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms are responsible for a number of diseases and health conditions. With regular disinfection and sterilization, you can avoid a number of outbreaks and ensure a healthy and clean environment for everyone. 

In this article, we will describe the general process of disinfection that professional companies adopt to disinfect and decontaminate an area. We will also describe ways in which you can carry out your house’s disinfection yourself.

Professional Disinfection Services

Hiring a professional disinfection and decontamination service helps you in decontaminating and sterilizing any area to eliminate all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms that are responsible for various diseases and outbreaks. Lumiair is a leading disinfection expert service that offers quality decontamination solutions to meet the different needs of different setups.

They comprise a team of skilled specialists and experts who use their expertise along with state of the art equipment and techniques to offer innovative and effective decontamination solutions for their clients. Through their effective disinfection and decontamination services, they eliminate pathogenic substances and minimize their reoccurrence, thus providing a long-term solution.

The various techniques and equipment that professional decontamination experts utilize to disinfect any area can be summarized as below:

To capture airborne contaminants and microorganisms, different types of techniques are used. These include the use of negative air machines and air scrubbers which are effective in eliminating airborne pathogens.

To remove the pathogens and contaminants from surfaces, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is utilized. This process also kills the airborne contaminants. It effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, and mold from the surface and air.

To further ensure the complete removal of pathogens even from sub-micron level, dry ice blasting is carried out.

As part of disinfection and decontamination, foul smell from the premises is also removed. Different types of air deodorizers are used along with ozone machines to ensure the complete removal of any foul smell.

To further control and prevent the growth and spread of pathogens and micro-organic contaminants, a complete process of sanitization, disinfection, and protective anti-microbial treatment is carried out.

Hiring a professional decontamination service ensures that you get an all-in-one quick relief from all kinds of pathogens and you can rest assured that any kinds of contaminants will not be able to affect you adversely. They carry out the treatment effectively and take measures to prevent and control the growth of contaminants in the future. 

Professional decontamination and disinfection can be carried out in all kinds of areas and premises. Some of the types of decontamination are described below:

Schools, Daycares, and Kindergarten Decontamination

Schools and kindergartens are an ideal environment for germs and pathogens to grow. Since kids are not much concerned about personal hygiene, it is very important that the premises in which they spend their time be completely disinfected and free from contaminants.

Therefore, professional decontamination services use state of the art equipment and apply their quality techniques and practices to reduce the growth of pathogenic substances from various surfaces. This will include decontamination of the indoor premises of the schools as well as the outdoor premises such as courtyards and grounds.


Hospital Disinfection

Nobody visits a hospital when they are healthy. People with some health concerns visit hospitals and thus, a hospital can become a breeding ground for all kinds of germs and pathogens. Its decontamination and disinfection are highly important to prevent different outbreaks and diseases from spreading. 

Hospital disinfection experts like Lumiair use the latest proprietary technology and process to completely disinfect and sterilize the hospital premises. They also carry out end-to-end traceability to ensure a comprehensive disinfectant solution.

Office and Indoor Premises Disinfection

The indoor premises of a house or office are also quite prone to germs and harmful pathogens. The lack of direct sunlight and proper ventilation provides an ideal environment for bacteria and viruses to grow. To ensure a healthy atmosphere for everyone residing, professional decontamination and disinfection are highly important.

Office disinfection experts excel in offering comprehensive decontamination for bio-decontamination of the indoor premises. With the use of state of the art equipment and disinfecting procedures, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms are eliminated and their long-term reduction is ensured.

In addition to professional disinfection, there are certain measures and procedures that you can do yourself at home to take care of some of the contaminants on your own. You should still carry out professional decontamination from time to time to ensure complete disinfection. 

Disinfecting Your Home Yourself

The first thing you want to understand is that cleaning is different from disinfecting. When you clean something, you remove the apparent dirt and stains but it does not kill the germs and pathogens. When you disinfect something with any kind of a disinfection solution, it kills the germs but it does not necessarily take care of the stains and dust. 

In order to ensure complete cleanliness and disinfection, you have to go through a thorough process of cleaning and disinfecting which is described in detail below:

The first step is to gather all the cleaning and disinfecting tools. These would include disposable gloves, scrubs, brushes, mops, and a disinfectant solution. The disinfectant solution can be bought from the market or you can make one yourself at home.

If you want to make a disinfecting solution yourself, you can prepare one by using 1 part of bleach to 10 parts of water. Mix this in a container or spray bottle for use later on.

You have to ensure proper ventilation of the area so that you do not get affected by the bleach or disinfectant fumes.

After dusting or brooming, you can use the disinfectant solution to mop the floor of the entire area.

You can use disposable cloths to wipe off frequently-touched surfaces such as doorknobs, handles, light switches, and other items using this disinfectant solution. 

You can use the disinfectant solution in a spray bottle and spray the solution on furniture and upholstery to remove all kinds of germs and disinfectants. 

Make it a regular habit to wash your clothes with detergent as well as a fabric disinfectant to remove germs from clothes also.

Hang your clothes to dry in direct sunlight and plenty of air.

Ensure personal hygiene and use antibacterial soaps.

Ensure proper ventilation of your house so that germs and mold don’t get a chance to grow and spread in a moist and humid environment.

The importance of decontamination and disinfection can never be deemphasized. Especially in the current times where there are so many viruses and pathogens arising in the world. The recent outbreak of coronavirus can also be controlled and managed if proper disinfection is carried out and people pay attention to their personal hygiene. 

Employing the services of professional decontamination and disinfection experts gives you the assurance that all kinds of harmful pathogens will be eliminated. This gives you the peace of mind to continue with your daily routine and activities in a healthy and safe environment. 

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