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How Mold Affects Your Health (And How Mold Removal Works In Singapore)

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Health Impacts Of Mold & Mold Removal In Singapore

Due to Singapore’s hot and humid climate, indoor mold growth is one of the most common situations you will encounter in your lifetime. All types of indoor environments in Singapore including homes, offices, and industrial spaces can be affected by mold regardless of how well-ventilated the space is. Mold can also aggravate our allergies or skin in the process.

Mold Remediation

While we are all familiar with mold growth, some might drag their feet on seeking professional mold remediation. Mold growth can happen gradually over a long period of time, and you may not realise the severity of its health impact until it’s too late. However, mold and mold mites removal in Singapore is a fast and painless process when you engage professional mold removal services.

What is Mold?

Mold is a general term for a type of fungus that grows in damp conditions. Homeowners in Singapore might be particularly familiar with mold growth in the toilet area, where the dampness of the room combines with Singapore’s humid climate to create the perfect condition for mold to flourish. There are several types of mold, some of which tend to grow in specific areas depending on the surrounding environment.

How can Mold affect our Health?

Each type of mold affects our health in different ways, and while some may appear relatively harmless they can cause significant issues later on. Vulnerable groups such as children, seniors, or people with asthma or compromised immune systems might face more severe health risks from mold.

1. Black Mold

Black mold is usually found outdoors but can grow indoors as well. Several types of mold can fall into this category, but in Singapore this label commonly refers to the Alternaria family of mold. Black mold can cause an increase in asthma symptoms, or trigger asthma attacks in asthma-prone individuals. Spores can also irritate the eyes, nose, and respiratory tract leading to infections.

2. Pink Mold

A notable type of mold in Singapore is Pink Mold which is a water-borne bacteria called Serratia Marcescens. This type of mold is commonly found in bathrooms and bathtubs, necessitating constant cleaning of the area to prevent its growth. If left unremoved, it can affect the respiratory tract, urinary tract, and gastrointestinal system.

3. Green Mold

Green Mold

Green mold is one of the most common molds we see around us and belongs to the Cladosporium genus. It has a darker olive green colour and is typically found on plants as well as household items and surfaces like walls, furniture cabinets, and damp carpets. Green mold can trigger asthma attacks, and eye, skin, or sinus infections.

4. Brown / Grey Mold

Brown or grey mold usually belongs to the Aspergillus family and is one of the most widespread molds in both outdoor and indoor environments. This mold can grow in soil and organic matter, which we may bring indoors through our shoes or clothes. Aspergillus mold is generally less harmful to our health but can cause respiratory problems in those with weakened immune systems.

How does mold removal work?

While daily DIY cleaning with bleach or white vinegar can help prevent mold growth and the arrival of mold mites, a professional mold remediation service is required when the outbreak has become too severe. We recommend engaging professional mold removal services in Singapore to ensure the job is thoroughly carried out. Get in touch to find out more about our services.

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