Fire Damage Restoration

Lumiair is your one-stop solution for all fire damage recovery and restoration needs, from soot removal to the restoration of damaged assets.

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In the event of a fire or a soot-affected environment, your property requires urgent recovery and restoration work to mitigate the damage.

Soot from smoke can cause irreversible damage in a short period of time. Lumiair employs proprietary, state-of-the-art environmental control machines to stabilize the environment and terminate the corrosion process, especially for sensitive electronic equipment. We also protect surfaces by quickly removing the residual smoke and treating them with a corrosion inhibitor.

Odor Control Services To Control Soot Odor

Smoke and spot particles continue to be airborne even after the fire has been put out and may linger in the surrounding area. Such particles can cause damage to the respiratory system when inhaled. The removal of these particles requires professional expertise and specialised equipment. Lumiair offers a comprehensive suite of services to ensure a clean, healthy environment thereafter:

  • Deployment of air scrubbers equipped with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration systems, to remove these particles from the indoor air, thereby enhancing the efficiency of cleaning and clearing the air for safe human occupation.
  • Chemical atomization to neutralize odor that permeates the air affected by smoke.
  • Ozone treatments using an industrial ozone machine.

Restore or Replace

Lumiair Has A Solution For You

A fire leaves your property damaged from smoke, soot, heat, and/or water. Immediate response and proper handling are critical to successful recovery of damaged assets and items.

Lumiair provides you with full-restoration services for every stage of your clean-up, restoration or replacement. As an industry leader with our own proprietary, state-of-the-art technology, you can be assured that your property will be restored swiftly.

What is fire damage?

A fire can cause physical damage to your property through burning. In addition, byproducts like slot or other corrosive substances can also result in damage.

What is smoke damage? Is it different from fire damage?

Smoke consist of soot, chemicals, acids, and dust. Not only is it dangerous for the occupant’s physical health, it can also result in discoloration of walls and a lingering smoke odor.

Is smoke damage harmful for us?

Smoke can be said to be more dangerous than the actual fire itself. Fire smoke is the leading cause of fire deaths. The soot and carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other harmful chemicals from fire smoke can cause serious, long term harm to the respiratory system. They can also get settled on clothing, walls, furniture and other areas.

How do you clean fire smoke damage?

It is best to engage a professional who had the right specialised equipment to decontaminate the air. As an individual, you may also do the following to minimize the initial damage:

  • Open all windows and doors
  • Clean furniture and upholstery using soap and water
  • Wash all clothing
How do you get rid of smoke odor?

A professional restoration company will be able to help you decontaminate the air as part of the restoration process. In the meantime, odor eliminating spray, airing out the furniture and vacuuming the carpets may help reduce the odour even though they are unlikely to completely eliminate smoke odour.

What does a fire restoration company do?

A good restoration company undertakes urgent recovery and restoration work from end to end to mitigate the damage. Their services should include removal of residual smoke to prevent corrosion to materials and eliminate any health hazards, humidity control is done to stabilize the affected environment and prevent further corrosion, restoration and replacement of damaged properties and odour elimination.

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