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Air Scrubber Rental

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Model HAS-01

Air Scrubber is used to remove micro-particle in the air, such as mould, bacteria, virus etc. With a high-powered turbine blower delivering up to 9000 cubic meters of air exchange per hour, this creates a cyclone effect forcing air upwards thus creating a downwards draft back towards the machine further enhancing its particle extraction capabilities.

Before you dive right into outright procuring this game-changing equipment, why not consider renting one? Offering finance and logistics flexibility, the long-term benefits of renting is clear. Get in touch with our professional consultants to find out more about our air scrubber rental service.


Airflow Capacity (m3/h): 9000

Motor: 220V 60Hz, 1.2KW

Efficiency Level:
Filters 0.3μm @ (95%)
Filters 0.3μm @ (99.999%)


Gross Weight: 86kg

Product (W*H*D): 64*122*106cm

Based on 500 Cubic Meter MERV 16

BeforeAfter 1 hour

Cyclone Air Scrubber Filtration

Cyclone Air Scrubber Filtration

Pre-filter: Catches larger particles such as hairs and dust

Carbon filter: Neutralise a wide spectrum of harmful gases and particles such as odour, formaldehyde(HCHO), toluene, TVOC, etc

2X 8 Combs of MERV 16 filters: To maintain an extremely high output of clean air we use 16 such HEPA filters in a single machine employing ultra-high grade MERV 22 rated filters to remove ultra-fine particles @ 0.3 microns with an efficiency of 99.999%. This includes all mould, spores, bacteria & certain viruses.

Filtration is the core of every air scrubber; many commercial units out there feature only a single layer of filtration which does not allow it to be used for a wide range of purposes. Our robust design allows us to change and add in different kinds of filtration to suit the environment.


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