<style>.lazy{display:none}</style>4 Tips To Prevent Emergency Flood Damage & Begin Flood Damage Clean Up

4 Tips To Prevent Emergency Flood Damage & Begin Flood Damage Clean Up


4 Tips To Prevent Flood Damage & Lessen Flood Clean Up

Flood damage

Flood damage doesn’t just happen during Singapore’s rainy season – burst pipes or leaking taps can cause flood damage too. However, flooding is a problem that many homes or business owners do not feel equipped to deal with.

So how can you prevent flood damage? The good news is that preventative measures can be taken to prevent the worst from happening. Here are 4 tips for dealing with flood damage in Singapore:

1. Conduct regular preventative checks and inspections of piping

A leaking pipe might go unnoticed for weeks or months with no notable side effects, but once it escalates into a more serious problem it can cause severe damage to your property. Regular checks are key to avoiding this situation, especially in areas such as kitchens, toilets, or near air-conditioning units.

If you notice any leaks in your piping, try and see if it can be stopped first using simple DIY or a visit from a plumber. In the event the leak has become more serious, Lumiair provides professional restoration services to assess the extent of damage and remove excess moisture. This can help mitigate future water damage if a flood does occur.

2. Look out for mould growth and odors

A tell-tale sign that there might be a leak in your property is the presence of mould growth or a foul, damp smell. Such odors can come from the rotting process of mould and mildew, hence why disinfection and deep cleaning services are essential in combating mould growth.

Items such as wooden furniture that are weakened by mould can face greater damage in the event of a flood. Damp environments can also weaken the structure of the property – possibly worsening mould infestations if not identified early enough. Lumiair offers professional mould remediation and odor removal services including a specialized assessment by our professional Consultants.

3. Remove all excess water

Once the flood has happened, removing all excess water should be your first step. This seems straightforward, but it can be difficult to completely remove all excess water from surfaces and fittings. Items such as rugs, carpets, or clothing can be badly affected leading to mould growth and foul odors.

Deep cleaning services can help to mitigate this while preventing further damage to your valuables. Lumiair uses comprehensive water damage mitigation services to ensure thorough flood extraction and moisture removal from hard surfaces such as concrete and wood, and soft furnishings like carpets, fabrics, and upholstery.

4. Take immediate action

Surface decontamination for laboratory

In a humid climate like Singapore, water damage can quickly escalate into bigger problems if not dealt with swiftly. If you experience any level of flood damage, consult with a professional cleaning company like Lumiair to begin the flood damage clean up process immediately. Our comprehensive suite of water damage mitigation services includes dehumidification using our industrial-grade dehumidifiers, as well as disinfection and decontamination to help remove bacteria, mould, and viruses from the affected environment.

Get Peace of Mind with Lumiair’s Professional Deep Cleaning Services

Lumiair offers flood damage cleanup services to help ease your burden. As a professional cleaning company in Singapore that can carry out comprehensive restoration works, we can handle the entire project from start to end – from structural repairs to final cleanup and IAQ testing for safety and cleanliness.

Reach out to us for more information on our professional-grade equipment and trained Consultants. You can also find more tips for recovering from flood damage in our blog here.

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