After-Death Cleaning Services

It is a reality that death can sometimes sudden and violent, and an after-death cleanup can be emotionally devastating for loved ones.

An after-death cleaning service, also commonly referred to as crime scene cleanup or bioremediation, is a service that cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes a death site.

Typically, this kind of service applies to suicide, homicide or unattended death as there will be a large amount of body fluids at the scene which can carry potent diseases.

Biohazards are potentially infectious organisms that can cause harm to human, and will requiring disinfecting and sanitizing before the site is safe for use again. Common diseases that can be infected through biohazards are HIV, Hepatitis B and C and MRSA.

After-death cleanup professionals like us require personal protective equipment (PPE), certification and training to handle many different complicated clean up scenes.

Types of After-Death Clean up Services

There are many different kinds of clean up that require professional knowledge to execute. Below are a few of our clean up services:

  • Death clean up
  • Homicide clean up
  • Biohazard clean up
  • Suicide clean up
  • Blood clean up
  • Crime scene clean up
  • Body decompsition clean up
  • Odor removal and sanitization services

Our Clean Up Checklist

Clean ups can be complicated, and we take extra precautions and measures to ensure your satisfaction with our service. Below are some pointers we take when we render our service:

  • Remove tough stains using special detergent and cleaning equipment
  • Safe removal and disposal of biohazardous materials in compliance with Singapore’s regulation
  • Disinfect and decontamination of area with commercial grade cleaning solutions
  • Usage of top quality disinfectants to kill pathogens
  • Odor removal
  • Provide insurance assistance and guidance

Checklist Before Hiring A Death Clean-up Professional

How long has the company been in business?

Will the privacy of my family be respected?

What will the process be like, and what do I need to do during the cleanup?

Is there any warranty or guarantee for the service rendered?

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Why Choose Us?

All-in-one quick relief from infestation

Access to professional methods unavailable to consumers

Government-registered premium grade chemicals

Specialised inspection by our professionals to get to the source of the problem

In-house R&D team constantly revise and enhance our methods

Re-treatment within warranty period at NO COST

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