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Industrial, Commercial and Residential HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Rental

HEPA vacuum cleaner
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We all know the hosts of health risks associated with dust, dirt, and dander. If you are looking to solve serious contamination problems or remove those microscopically small particles that are accumulated within your industrial, commercial or residential spaces, conventional vacuum cleaners just don’t cut it. Instead, vacuum cleaners equipped with High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filters might be the right solution for you.

What is HEPA Filter?

As its name suggests, a HEPA filter is a high-efficiency particulate air filter designed to capture virtually any size of particles – including dust, pollen, mould, bacteria, and any micro-particles that the average vacuum cleaner filter can’t catch. The particles are efficiently captured through one of the four methods: direct impacting, interception, diffusion, or sieving. To be classified as a True HEPA, it has to meet or exceed the regulated criteria – exhibiting a minimum efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 microns.

We Bring Filtration to a New Level

At Lumiair, we offer a high suction twin-turbo motor coupled with a HEPA Filter. Boasting high-level performance, our HEPA vacuum cleaner has all it takes to extract mould and its spores on surfaces and to prevent fine particles from being reintroduced into your industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. Find out more about our HEPA vacuum cleaner’s specifications below or get in touch with our professional consultants for more information – we are more than happy to assist you. 

If you are undertaking an industrial, commercial or residential space overhaul, you can also consider employing our HEPA vacuum cleaner along with other equipment here.


Power: Twin Motors 3500W

Sound Level: <80.5dB

Suction Power: 19.5kPa

Collection Capacity: 70L

Layers of Filtration: 5

Type: Wet & Dry Vacuum


Net Weight: 23kg

Product (W*H*D): 505*830*600mm

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