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Moisture extraction after flood damage

Flood Damage Cleanup

Fast recovery and cleanup is essential in the unfortunate event of a flood damage. The sooner your premises are returned to their pre-flood conditions, the lesser the disruptions to your daily life or business.

Using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, Lumiair can remove excess water and dry your premises swiftly with the use of our custom engineered upholstery carpet extraction and moisture extraction. Having one of the largest inventories of state-of-the-art de-flooding equipment and in-depth experience, Lumiair can respond to any flood incident swiftly to remove excess water and dry the premises. As a comprehensive restoration company, we can handle the entire project from end to end, including structural repair, decontamination, deodorizing, final cleanup and IAQ testing to ensure the premises are safe and clean.

The Faster You Call Lumiair, The Faster You Get Your Life Back

Whether you experience flooding, burst water pipes or water ingress through cracks, delays in recovery action can mean poor living conditions, lost revenue or damaged assets. Water-damaged items can become unsalvageable without swift and effective action.

The Moisture You Can’t See Matters Most

When cleaning and restoring a property after flood damage, undetected moisture is a big problem. Excessive moisture on affected surfaces will lead to decay and deterioration of affected building materials, components and decorative finishes. Unattended moisture can also encourage mould and bacteria to grow and thrive in the premises.

Lumiair offers a comprehensive suite of water damage mitigation services, including:

  • Flood extraction and moisture removal from hard surfaces such as concrete, wood and soft furnishings like carpets, fabrics, and upholstery.
  • Drying and dehumidification using the industrial dehumidifiers.
  • Deployment of powerful blowers.
  • Document drying and recovery services.
  • Removal of odour caused by mould and bacterial infestation.
  • Mould remediation and treatment of antimicrobials on affected surfaces.
  • Air Scrubbing to remove bacteria, mould and virus.
surface cleaning

Flood Damage Cleaning Services Trusted by Leading Brands

Lumiair Offers 100% Moisture Removal Guarantee

Excessive moisture on affected surfaces will lead to decay and deterioration of affected building materials, components and decorative finishes. Unattended moisture can also encourage mold and bacteria to grow and thrive in the premises. Using our proprietary state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, Lumiair guarantees 100% moisture removal from affected surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes flood damage?

Broken or burst water pipes, water sprinklers setting off, leaking taps and rainstorms are some instances that cause flood damage.

What are the effects of flood damage and when a cleanup is needed?

A flooded home/office that is not attended to will allow water to seep into the walls and floors which causes internal damage that is not visible to the naked eye. This can also cause the structure to weaken. The damp environment also increases the risk for mould growth. To prevent a full-fledged mould infestation, a flooded premise needs immediate drying.

What should I do if a pipe breaks?

If you notice a leak, first try and see if the leakage can be stopped. If there is any water in the house/premise, the electrical supply may need to be switched off to avoid damaging any appliances. Otherwise, consider calling a plumber to stop the water. Next, call a professional restoration company to assess the extent of water and to remove the moisture.

What should I do immediately after getting a flooded home/office?

After stopping the water, you should call a professional restoration company to carry out an assessment and provide the cleanup and drying process with proper equipment. This mitigates the potential flood damage to the premise.

Is there a difference in sewage leaks and regular leaks?

Sewage leaks may include discarded solid matter that is more unhygienic and damaging to the environment, with an unpleasant odour. Sewage leaks should only be dealt with by professionals to ensure that no unwanted matter is trapped within the premise.

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