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February 11, 2022News

Handling Fire, Flood Damage & Mold Cleanup In Singapore

Fire, flood damage, and mold are some of the most common cleaning emergencies faced in homes, offices, and workplaces in Singapore. Whether due to freak accidents or surprise weather changes, it can be frustrating and inconvenien...

childcarea disinfection
January 24, 2022News

Regular Disinfection Services For Schools & Childcare Centres

The importance of disinfecting your home or workplace cannot be overstated. Even prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many indoor and outdoor premises alike with high foot traffic or high presence of vulnerable groups wer...

office mold removal
January 13, 2022News

Mold Removal & Cleanup In Office Premises

Mold is one of the most common problems faced by Singaporeans in the workplace. Due to Singapore’s high humidity year-round, accumulated moisture (especially in indoor spaces with poor ventilation) can lead to serious mold outb...

holiday deep cleaning
January 4, 2022News

Basic Holiday Deep Cleaning Tips For The Home Or Workplace

As the year-end holiday season begins, many Singaporeans will begin deep cleaning their homes or workplaces to prepare for guests or start the new year on a good note. Whether it’s for Christmas, New Year’s, or even an early ...

airborne particles
December 30, 2021News

How Airborne Particles Can Affect Your Health

Airborne particles are not usually visible to the naked eye, but they can have serious long-term effects on your health. While some airborne particles can contribute to air pollution, there are many types of particles that surrou...

December 18, 2021News

How Regular Disinfection Services Can Help Prevent Infectious Diseases

Daily cleaning is essential to keeping any type of environment clean but it may not be enough to truly put your mind at ease. Pathogens such as viruses can survive on surfaces for a few hours or even several days, necessitating a...

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