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home cleaning
September 6, 2021News

3 Essential Home Cleaning Tasks For Singaporeans

Whether you are a homeowner or renter in Singapore, doing regular house chores is essential to keeping your living space clean. Though you may not enjoy doing chores, they are part and parcel of ensuring a hygienic and comfortable...

remove odor
September 6, 2021News

Why Do Bad Odors Linger? (And How To Remove Odors From Your Room)

Bad odors can linger in our surroundings for several reasons. Regardless of why these odors exist, a common problem faced by Singaporeans is how to remove odors from our rooms and spaces so that we can carry on our everyday activi...

mold in singapore
August 13, 2021News

How Mold Affects Your Health (And How Mold Removal Works In Singapore)

Health Impacts Of Mold & Mold Removal In Singapore Due to Singapore’s hot and humid climate, indoor mold growth is one of the most common situations you will encounter in your lifetime. All types of indoor environments in Si...

August 13, 2021News

4 Tips To Prevent Emergency Flood Damage & Begin Flood Damage Clean Up

4 Tips To Prevent Flood Damage & Lessen Flood Clean Up Flood damage doesn’t just happen during Singapore’s rainy season – burst pipes or leaking taps can cause flood damage too. However, flooding is a problem that m...

mold removal
July 13, 2021News

Mold Removal: Should You DIY Or Hire Professionals?

Mold growth is a common occurrence in Singapore due to the country’s humid climate. As Singapore experiences, high humidity year-round, all types of indoor environments – from homes to offices – can experience mold g...

ozone disinfection treatment
July 13, 2021News

How Ozone Disinfection Can Help The Fight Against COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic showing no signs of going away any time soon, Singaporeans are more vigilant than ever about the hygiene and safety of our everyday surroundings. Although Singapore has been performing relatively well in...

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