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Clean Air 101 Testing for Mold in Your Environment
December 11, 2023News

Clean Air 101: Testing for Mold in Your Environment

Mold is a common problem that can occur in any home or building. It is a type of fungus that grows in damp and humid environments, and can cause a variety of health issues if left untreated. That’s why it’s important t...

Mold - A Stealthy Intruder with Serious Consequences
November 30, 2023News

Mold: A Stealthy Intruder with Serious Consequences

Discovering mold, a crafty intruder, can lead to health risks like lung issues if not handled promptly. Symptoms of exposure vary from unpleasant smells to respiratory problems like asthma or skin rashes. If you notice these signs...

Say Goodbye to Mold with Lumiair
November 15, 2023News

Say Goodbye to Mold with Lumiair : The Ultimate Solution

Are you concerned about mold in your home and the potential health risks it poses? If so, you should strongly consider remediation services. Mold remediation services can effectively remove mold from your home, ensuring the safety...

flood damage
October 20, 2022News

How Flash Flood Damage Buildings In Singapore

Let us look at how Flash Floods affects your home or business and the importance of restoring water damage. Flash floods have become common in Singapore today. Over the years, Singapore has had 73 days of flash floods, with the m...

mold fun facts
August 3, 2022News

These 40 Fun Facts About Mold Will Surprise You

Prevent Mold – No one wants mold in their home. In most cases, you’ve never encountered the words mold and interesting together. Nevertheless, mold can be interesting if you put your mind to it!  Here are some f...

spring cleaning
March 16, 2022News

Spring Cleaning For Businesses: Essential Services To Consider

Spring cleaning is one of the most popular activities for Singaporeans in the first few months of the new year. Whether you’re preparing for Chinese New Year celebrations or simply getting ready for a fresh start, it can feel l...

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